Visual Classworks specializes in the development of visual object oriented modeling and coding tools that provide, 'whole of project lifecycle' solutions to drastically increase the productivity of software developers by supporting design and implementation of Java and C++ projects via a visual paradigm oriented around 'live' class diagrams.

Even though developers operate at a higher 'design' level they are never far from the underlying code. Access to the underlying code is always just a couple of clicks away allowing direct modification of the underlying managed source files.

Visual Object Oriented Development Tools

Open Source Frameworks

  • exPOJO - lightweight, easy to use framework for dependency injection, persistence engine portability and support for about the most highly productive POJO development method: exposed model pattern.
  • Metrics4j - lightweight, easy to use object instance tracking tool for JDO. Lets you do fine grained analysis of object instance creation, object instance loading. Easy to analyse instance reports that are much simpler than volumous logging.
  • ModalX - A lightweight extension to the Wicket Java UI Framework that makes adding modal dialogs a snap - and the coding is just like that for a Java Swing app or a Windows C++ or .net Modal Window.