ModalX for Wicket

ModalX stands for "Modal eXtensions".

Wicket is one of the best Java User Interface frameworks available. We've been using it since 2006 and have never looked back.

The Wicketstuff library is designed to be a collections of enhancements that extend the Wicket framework with useful 'add ons'. ModalX is now part of the Wicketstuff library and is open source, released under the same Apache license.

ModalX is a small, elegant set of classes arranged in such a way that makes the creation and use of Modal Forms and Message Boxes in wicket just as easy as it was in the good old days of desktop development using MFC, OWL or Swing. Back in those days all you needed to do was derive from a ModalWindow class, add your 'extra' bits then simply instantiate the modal window and voila!

Please read on to discover what ModalX is, why it exists, play with a live demo and download it: