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Javelin Enhancements

21 Mar 2011

The Javelin OO Java code generator/manager now gets a whole new range of features.

Check out these great new features and improvements:

  • Improved Revision Control Support: Check if files are read only before committing and advise user to checkout the file from revision control first.
  • Improved Revision Control Support: For systems that require check-outs before editing source code: introduced intelligent project, .vcm, metadata and .java file saving such that an attempt to save file will only occur if the saved file would be different to that already saved. Also: bring up message box prompting to perform a check-out if a file needs to be saved but it marked as read-only.
  • Added estimate (hour) and progress (%) fields to class form to allow estimating/tracking.
  • Generate .csv report from estimate and progress attributes.
  • JDO metadata generation now includes the detachable metadata tag within each class element to tell JDO to make each persistent class detachable - more convenient than adding the tag via the custom persistence directives.
  • Added new type of persistence generator choice that allows for the generation of GUI classes that bind to model objects via a detachable model (eg., wicket's IDetachable). Using the GUI bind persistence option for a class diagram, when a non persistent GUI class has a 'to 1' relationship with a persistent class then that relationship is generated using the GUI binding class specified in the Project Options.
  • Relationships: Role text is now right clickable and has the same context menu as clicking on the cardinality anchor at that end of the relationship.
  • Relationships: Right clicking on cardinality anchor or role text brings up properties for THAT end of the relationship instead of the other end (i.e. more intuitive).
  • Relationships: Improved text descriptions of relationships on relationship context menu - now includes description of relationship including role if appropriate.
  • Diagram: Back and Next context menu items now show name of diagram to go to.
  • On opening a Project the most recently open diagram is opened - instead of always opening the first diagram in the project.